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Killing heads, whilst still running effects


Killing heads, whilst still running effects

Postby deskyblinders17 » Fri Apr 05, 2019 4:59 pm

I am running a show where I am saving each scene as a cue in a a single playback. I have practicals in a group with a flicker effect. I want to be able to kill fixtures quickly without having to go to fx engine and remove the effects. If I include the cue into the programmer and then select the head I want to kill, even at 0 it will still flicker above that. I’m sure there’s at be a simpler way of doing it without having to fiddle with the fx engine.

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Re: Killing heads, whilst still running effects

Postby alturnative » Wed Apr 10, 2019 2:29 pm

Have you tried, from the programmer window, selecting view FX -> advanced view, then select the head(s) under the effect you want to remove and press the remove FX head soft button? You should only need to select one of the channels being controlled by the effect when doing this to remove all the affected channels for that head.

If you have already recorded the cue and want to remove the head while the cue is running, double-press the S button of the playback to view the cue stack, select the cue with the FX you want to remove the head from, then press View Cue and proceed in the same fashion as above (thought you will have to manually select the fixture attributes to remove from the effect and press REM in this case) - this will remove the head from that FX in the Cue permanently.

If you don't want to remove the head permanently, set the Size of the effect to zero percent for the head attributes you wish to kill from the effect (just remember to set it back to its original value afterwards).

You can find more info here, it could be that the Block FX feature (11.1.19) might help, also ... /ch11.html
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