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Looking for guidance/help


Looking for guidance/help

Postby zac4e » Sun May 12, 2019 2:22 pm

Not sure if this is the correct forum, but here goes:


I am a 28 year old guy that is completly "selftaught" (youtube tutorials etc), but I feel like I am missing some vital parts when it comes to running a lightshow. At the moment I work at 2 different nightclubs with very different setups, one with all the focus on the dancefloor and one with more of a stage.
When I started I had no idea how to go about it, so the way I am programming is this:

1: Make execute window for different color choices, gobos and things that I just have to turn on and forget

2: Make positions that looks cool

3: Use the FX engine to have a bunch of different movements (based on the positions)

4: Have 1 movement pattern on each fader, using the Fader Controls FX speed so I can use it for slow and faster songs. This also goes for positions and chases

and that is pretty much it.
I use the faders to match the movement with the feel of the song, match chases and strobe.
We just had our first night of the summer last night and the lights just felt erratic and out of place, so I feel like shit, even tho the owners were happy. I have tried using more stuck positions and chases, but when you want some fluidity, it feels to harsh.

I use a Chamsys PC wing for the bigger club and for the smaller club I have a Chamsys Extra wing (neither of which I own, they are provided by the clubs)
I do prefer the Extra wing for running the show, but the PC wing for programming

Anyone feel like sharing some tips or maybe how you go about programming a nightclub? Sorry for the long post/rant
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