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QuickQ Console & QuickQ-Designer Confusion


QuickQ Console & QuickQ-Designer Confusion

Postby MrBee » Sat Sep 28, 2019 1:06 pm

Hi There

I want to buy a Quickq 20 console and Since 3 weeks I test the quickQ software

I am very unhappy about many things and can not decide.
So i really have a lot of questions :-(
I can not overwrite an existing cue.
The functionality of the options: Merge, Move, Record All are completely incomprehensible to me.

"Merge" does not overwrite all properties
I do not understand "Remove" at all,
and Record all does not override, but creates a new cue.

Using (+) to insert a new cue does not work 100%, not all parameters are saved.
I want to correct / overwrite a CAse
The case starts immediately when I select it, it is very complicated to stop it for change.
Also the function "Go To Case" starts :-(
Again, the same problem; not all parameters are saved.
I have to write my own fixtures with the magicq software.
I tried two hours but did not achieve it.
There is no description and no video about it :-(
Can someone give me a short introduction?
I can move the group icon in the main window, but they do not stay, they always go back. How can I fix these group icons in the top list?
Is it possible to display the "quickq Designer Fixture Controls" window on a tablet or computer (remote)?
Is it possible for theaters:
I want to make cue stack.
10 steps with crossfade and so on ...
Step 11 I want a Caser ...
Step 12 again normal cue.

I have 10 steps
Then comes dance scene with disco light
Then again normal scene
Later magic comes with lightning and thunder
for a caser
The Function "Release at all" don't release the selectet Buttons...
an example:
I select 2 Moving Head and give intensity 80% and color red.
I go back to Intensity and choose 3rd Head and give Intensity 50%

2x red MH with 80% red
1x white MH with 50% white

Now I save on grp fader 20.
Now I press Clear and make fader Grp 20 on.

It appears only 2 MH with white (instead of red)
and third MH does not appear.
Another example

I have three cue stack
6 MH (1,2,3,4,5,6)

Cue 1: MH 3 + 4 = Red looking down
Cue 2: MH 2 + 5 = Green (MH3 + 4) should turn forward (without light)
Cue 3: MH 3 + 4 = blue & light on

The position "looking down" of Cue 1
will not be saved.
As soon as Cue 2 starts, the MH 3 + 4 roll forward
and then always stay ahead.
Back on Cue 1 do not roll down.
Another example

I made it, and at the end of the cue stack, before the first scene starts with Red Head Down again, I want to put the two dark MH 3 + 4 in the Down position so they do not turn red for Cue 1.
So in Cue 6 at the same time put the MH 3 + 4 down.

I start Cue 6 for the scene.
MH 1 + 6 are yellow, 3 + 4 are black.
I select MH 3 + 4 and set position down.
Then I save with option "Merge".

if I start the cue stack, stay in cue 6
the two yellow MH 1 + 6 are dark.

I chose only these two MH 3 + 4, for changing Position
1 + 6 were not selected for anything.
Why do these two MH take the black of 3 + 4 in Cue 6 ?

Unfortunately I can not merge with Option "Record All"
It will always create a new cue.


What can I do with QuickQ Console?
and what is a bug in QuickQ Designer

i know, a lot of questions, but if you can help it will be verry nice :-)
Thank you Erwin
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