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QuickQ: Focus Spot fades show all colours/GOBOs?


QuickQ: Focus Spot fades show all colours/GOBOs?

Postby lukegendreau » Thu Oct 03, 2019 8:12 pm

We've been having an issue with our Focus Spots on QuickQ 20. Each time we change a non-intensity attribute (colour/position/GOBO) between two cues, the spots will rotate through all colours/GOBOs available before landing on the correct combination.

For example:

Cue 1: 2 focus spots far right with blue colour and swirl GOBO effect.
Cue 2: same 2 focus spots far left with white colour and no GOBO effect.

Both cues are recorded into Playback 1 with a fade in time of 2. When transitioning from cue 1 to cue 2, the spots move to the left correctly, but show blue -> green -> yellow -> red -> orange -> and will finally stop on the correct white colour. The same thing happens with the GOBO effect; swirl -> stars -> different swirl -> dots -> correct no GOBO.

Even if we set the non-intensity attributes fade in time to zero, it still visually switches through each colour and GOBO effect, albeit much faster. It is very distracting. Does anyone know any fixes for this issue, or something we will need to do in order to avoid seeing this?
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Re: QuickQ: Focus Spot fades show all colours/GOBOs?

Postby MrBee » Mon Oct 28, 2019 8:09 pm


If i understand you correctly: one of the Problem is color Changing from blue to white.
Yes, there is no way between blue and white without rolling thrue all the Colors...

First Cue is OK
Insert one Cue with Intens=0 for the time is needing for color-Scrolling..
LAst Cue you set te Lamp (Intensity) to yout Level and all ist fine.

You need this also if you changing y/x Position, or your light will dance the whole way...

And: Have a Look...
In my Dexk-Release in Playback Fader 1 is a Bug !!!
This Case in Playback 1 (as a Caser) doe's not stop when fader is Down !!!
Check ist out with Playback 2-10 :-)

Hope it works...
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