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Stable Release v1.4.6.5

New Releases of software and hardware will here be announced.


Stable Release v1.4.6.5

Postby » Fri Sep 10, 2010 1:47 pm

englishflag The new software version from ChamSys is available for download on this for Windows, Linux PC, Macintosh, Expert, Pro and ProX consoles.

More info concerning the new features can be found in the software change log: ... lities.asp

dutchflag De nieuwe software versie van ChamSys is beschikbaar voor download en dit voor Windows, Linux PC, Macintosh, Expert, Pro en ProX consoles.

Meer info betreffende de nieuwigheden vindt u in de software change log: ... lities.asp

Frenchflag Nouvelle version ChamSys stable v1.4.6.5 pour console, windows, Mac Intel et Linux. Vous pouvez retrouver plus d’information sur la page download – modifications software. ... lities.asp
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