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MagicHD PC controlled via Art-net

MagicQ controlling Media Servers (Coolux Pandoras Box, Hippotizer, MBox, Catalyst, Arkaos,....)


MagicHD PC controlled via Art-net

Postby Siegfried » Sat Mar 25, 2017 3:07 pm


we used MagicQ an its HD media server running on a Mac to play a stack of videos for a theater project, controlled local at the mac.

Now i want to try to fire the cuse from my light-desk and use the masks an keystone function
For this try, its runnung on a PC.

In this case, the lighting control is a smart software solution called DMXContol2, because they use this at the project, for what i'm testing the MagicHD. DMXC2 supports art-net out, I wan't to control MagicHD via art-net; running on the same PC or on its own machine.

Think I need a USB dongle to get this working? Did I get it right, that it would also work for me, to rent a PC-Wing ( seems to be the easier way )?

Is there a way to check the art-net IN setup to control the Media Playback first, without a dongle, wing or desk?

thanks for your help
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Re: MagicHD PC controlled via Art-net

Postby » Sat Mar 25, 2017 4:00 pm

- If you want to control MagicHD on the same PC/Mac, with MagicQ PC: you don't need anything
- If you want to control MagicHD from another PC/Mac, then you need at least a MagicQ PC Wing on the other PC
- If you want to control MagicHD from another lighting controller, via ArtNet, then you need a Rack Mount dongle on the MagicHD PC, otherwise you don't have full control.

ArtNet in you can check via Output - View Chans - View DMX - View Inputs.
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