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MagicHD layers

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MagicHD layers

Postby Skjold » Sat Jan 06, 2018 11:54 am

Hi guys.

I’m having a problem on one of my shows with two MagicHD servers. The servers each output to a projector (stacket configuration, so images on top of each other).
When I have a cue fading one layer on top of another, the layer going on top dims the output of the layer below, even though it’s an identical image below.
E.G I have a small rock stationary on layer 3 and want the rock to have a white edge on layer 4, fading layer 4 on top of layer 3. When doing so, the output dims when layer 4 is fading in - why? It should just slowly fade in the white edge on the rock, as that is the only difference.

Is it because MagicHD is treating the blacks on the next layer as a solid, even when some content is black?
Best regards

Miki Skjold
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