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Lamps are on or off the whole time

Connection between MagicQ and Visualisers as Capture 2005, Wysiwyg,....


Lamps are on or off the whole time

Postby Rainschn » Sat Nov 17, 2018 3:50 pm

I think i read someone else has the same problem and no answer.
So, her is a new topic:
I have several lamps (e.g. 'chniese' Clay-Paky B-Eye) that are permanently on. No color will be shown an dno zoom function will work. They just move and show me a white beam all the time. Regardless of dimmers on or off.
The next behavior is, that another lamp ('chines' Robe Robin) Trident R10 MKII wich is a very popular lamp from many other chinese manufacturers, shows me exactly nothing. It means i can't see even a beam. Just the lamp can be positioned.
The only lamps who are working are some LED-PAR an some Marin Mac 550.

Might there be a 'connection' with the headfile? Because all the lamps that show an ERROR message when i'm editinge them in the path-window seem to be the lamps, that are not working right in Vis. But i do not understnad what the Error-Messages want to tell me.
Oh, the lamps are running completely without any issue in 'real live'. But that won't make me really happy since i won't build up all the lamps that i want to 'play' with fpr pre-programming.

So can anybody help?
Bye Rainschn (Owner of: MQ100Pro2014, Audio- Midi-Int., EX- PB-Wing, PC-Wings)
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