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Multielement LED Bar width problem

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Multielement LED Bar width problem

Postby morsik » Fri Aug 23, 2019 9:39 pm


I patched 4x Eurolite LEDPix-12HCLBar fixture into my MagicQ PC in 74ch mode, multiple elements works perfectly when selecting them in GRP view or when using FX on them.

They are also works on visualizer… well… kind of :/

The problem is: fixture is shown in visualizer incorrectly. Distance between LED 1 and LED 2 is the same as it should be between 2 fixtures! Even clicking "AUTO ARRANGE" in PATCH VIS window sets correct distances between them (1 meter width), but displays width very incorrectly in visualizer.

I looked around EDIT HEAD and I wasn't able to find anything about that :/
Is it a known bug, or I found something new?

My MagicQ PC software version is " Build 16870 Qt:5.11.2 / 5.11.2" running on Fedora 30.

Screenshot of my problem (attaching externally cause it's too big for this forum):
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Re: Multielement LED Bar width problem

Postby » Sat Aug 24, 2019 8:47 am

Request for new heads and problems with existing heads: Please goto the bugtracker to place your requests: They can change the distance between the elements.
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