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Postby VictorTom » Sat Aug 24, 2019 4:43 pm

Berg Trampoline

Gift for children need to be added value - and not only spiritual value, but also constitute a mechanism of activities, stimulating and prominent and visible that will make your child shine with joy? Need a product that will improve the level of health, physical function and physical fitness of your son / daughter on their habits and buy sport, cardiorespiratory fitness, and encourage them to engage in sedentary way of pleasure? Just want to please the kiddies gift that will accompany them throughout childhood and adolescence, and will be standing for years of continuous use and enjoyment? To choose the best trampolines, let's read at: best trampolines on amazon.

Made trampoline Berg BERG sample FAVORIT offered customized your children home needs - and will meet all your expectations - and even more!


Trampoline quality standards institutes tested

Trampoline easy, user friendly and most importantly - safe for use in a precedent. This trampoline was tested with weights of 970-975 Maki laid her on the mat for a long time, and it has survived the test while maintaining the quality jump perfectly.

In addition to the ability to carry the pop-up, there is also the ability to stop it Tzadit: highest safety net, towering many yards will your child in good stead, and you can stop it in time. Of course, needless to say that the trampoline is placed exclusively in the yard, or Bhiclim where the ceiling so high that there is no danger in the high jump. Looking for a trampoline for yourself, in the simplest and most accurate way, please visit and read my fanpage I hope this article will help you.

Customize the trampoline especially for you

You can select the respective trampoline right for you, because when it comes to models FAVORIT We market BERG trampolines in different sizes, so you can choose between a trampoline with a diameter of 4.3 m to one diameter of 3 m or less.

Consultation with us will allow you to select the desired model for you, so that your child will also provide bliss and you will be placed in the yard depending on your expectations: Leaving space with ornamental garden / activity to another, or without it.

Berg Israel - Quality products Netherlands

Berg Israeli children, we have all kinds of products, including sample BERG trampoline FAVORIT which is already unaffordable for many households. Trampoline improves the physical fitness of children, developing their cardio and actually strengthens the muscle twins: posterior lower leg muscle - while maintaining safety - and that is the hallmark of quality products!
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Postby » Sun Aug 25, 2019 10:51 am

- page 1 of the playbacks
- press PLAYBACK button (opens Playback Window)
- select the playback, by pressing S button, that you want as default (template)
- push the button/window next to Encoder "Default Cue Stack" on/off
- In the window above the playback "DEF" will appear
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