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Timecode and Tap to time

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Timecode and Tap to time

Postby Hugi » Tue Sep 10, 2019 12:19 am


I have a show completly automated over timecode. To sync fx to the beat, I have a midi out from the DAW. The MIDI notes trigger macros, that tap to time for every cue. This works fine, but the DAW needs to be run on stage controlled by the band, so I need to have a MIDI Interface at the FOH that's connected over LAN to the DAW. With long LAN cables this gets instable. When the DAW looses connection to the MIDI interface, it wont reconnect automatically.

I have 2 solutions in mind to gain stability

1. The tap tempo from the daw is played out as audio, transmitted as audio to the FOH and over audio in I use the tap to time by audio function of MagicQ. (Don't like it, because it seems a bit inpredictible)

2. I program a separate cue stack and I have 4 cues per bar controlled by timecode. Each cue triggers a macro, that taps to time (don't like it, because it could need a lot of cpu. Also it's a pain in the a... to program. Therefore the setup at the venue is really easy)

Did anyone solve this problem in another way or has some advise?
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