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Controlling MagicQ with Virtual DJ or SoundSwitch Software

MagicQ PC and console software.


Controlling MagicQ with Virtual DJ or SoundSwitch Software

Postby Rainschn » Fri Apr 24, 2020 11:15 am

Since the Audio-Interface is not available anymore and the Sound-Input is n ot really satisfying me (The AutoGain on the Audio-Interface was really good, but with the now to be taken PC Sound Input or Sound Input on the console - how should i do this without using a good limiter/compressor?).

So i am looking for a better solution to have my lights controlled by sound.
My DJ-Software 'Virtual DJ' has got several possibilities:

- it has Midi Beat Clock (wihich seams not to be really a 'tap' signal for every beat but a fluent signal to only help setting the BPM) and i tried this as a 'tap to time on sel PB' what menas that the BPM were calculated from the BeatClock Signal. That makes my lamps running to the light somehow 'in beat' but when the music is over, the PB has it's 'beat' and is going on and the time to 'react' is very slow. So it lasts about 30sec to have the new beat calculated on the lamps. And: it is only working for the 'selected PBs' and i t´didn't really try out what this could mean, but i have a clue: maybe that is not really useable...

- Virtual DJ is working with OS2L - wonderful! BUT: MagicQ doesn't. It works with OSC, which might be more 'useful' but not for VDJ (or might there be a possible 'translation' between the two standards?)

- SoundSwitch works with OS2L and says it will make 'easy light shows from sound' and is workijng with OS2L from VDJ and it will output it's data on ArtNet Uni 1 and 2 but it sound like reinventing the wheel as i already have one... (Why do another light programming when i can do so much with MagicQ?) And maybe there will be some trouble to receive DMX over ArtNet to control my lamps via DMX who should be controlled via MagicQ - or easier explained: I think there might be trouble ahead if i use VDJ to control SoundSwitch to control MagicQ which really controls my DMX Lamps...
Oh, SoundSwicth has some nice ideas to control the lights to the music automatically. But not really more...

- i tried to control MagicQ with MidiBeat Clock as 'Audio Bumps go' but the result was i had to change Audio P1 to 16 or 32 to get something light a 'beat to light'. But it won't really satisfy. That might be due to the fact, that midi meat clock is not a 'tap' signal. it is more like a fluent 'stream' and so Magic Q will not really be able to flash the lamps when a beat is there...

So what can i do? Virtual DJ is showing the beats, the sound signal and the BPM very good to. But how can i use this information in MagicQ as there is some way to interact. But it seems there are different languages between VDJ and MQ. But how can i translate perhaps?

Oh, i know there are some projects with freestyler or DMX-Control. But do i have to use these semi professional programs to get my satisfaction? And is there really a way to implement them to MQ?

I'm often dreaming of my 'good old analog times' when i had my Pulsar 'ModulatorIV' which had a very good (analog) beat detection and is sending this signal to the lights so that they were stepping with each beat and stopping when there is no beat. Oh, i silly boy had a curcuit diagram some years ago. But i must have had taken drugs or something else and thrown it away! Because i can't find it anymore in my chaos! :-( And Pulsar didn't answer my request for a new one so far... :-( Otherwise there might be a way to 'rebuild' the beat-detection and send the 'tap'-signal to my sound-input...

So: Can anyone help me to get that dream come true to have real-(beat)sound-to-light?
Has anyone really connected SoundSwitch to MQ?
...or has anyone connected QLC+ with MagicQ? Because it (QLC+) understands OS2L...
Bye Rainschn (Owner of: MQ100Pro2014, Audio- Midi-Int., EX- PB-Wing, PC-Wings)
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