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selecting sub elements not working properly

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selecting sub elements not working properly

Postby tomdeb » Mon Jun 07, 2021 7:33 pm

Hi everyone,

Since a long time, I have some issues with the behaviour of selecting sub elements on a grid with sunstrips. I always ended up using dimmers because of this weird sub element selection and I have like 100 dimmers in my patch just for 10 sunstrips...

Let's say you have 2 sunstrips, vertically disposed and you want to select the first bulb of sunstrip 1 and the last bulb of sunstrip 2. What is selected at the end is the first and last bulbs of both sunstrips...

Regarding selection order I have as well issues with sub elements. With the same 2 sunstrips :
- select on sunstrip 1 the first element till the last one
- select on sunstrip 2 the last element till the first one
-> the final selection reorders the sub elements of both sunstrips from the first one to the last one...

Also the handy selections tools in the grid doesn't seem to work with sub elements. Like clicking on the cell just above a column of fixture to select all the fixtures under that cell.

Thanks for the help :wink:
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Re: selecting sub elements not working properly

Postby » Tue Jun 08, 2021 8:41 am

See remark on your identical post!
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