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AmericanDJ mega24pro!!

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Re: AmericanDJ mega24pro!!

Postby » Tue Nov 20, 2018 6:57 pm

- You have 4x 4 RGBW elements.
- all channels with the same function use the same encoders
- there exist fixtures with 100x RGB, it is not possible to have for all channels another encoder, that would mean 300 encoders and 100x the same palettes
- this type of fixtures are called multi elements, so multiple elements with the same function
- the multi elements use the same encoders and the same palettes

How to select them:
- for example you fixture has head number 5
- then the first element is 5.1
- 2nd element 5.2
- if you want the first element of all the fixtures in a group: select the group and type .1 NEXT HEAD

For more info see manual.
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