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FXpar9 23 channel mode

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FXpar9 23 channel mode

Postby logik » Mon Dec 03, 2018 12:00 am

The Chauvet FXpar9 head offers 22 channel and 23 channel mode.

Using 22 channel mode it's possible to add a virtual dimmer and control the head as expected.

In 23 channel mode the last channel is used as an intensity master. The manual names channel 23 "Quad-LED Dimmer". However, it also says "Channel 21 must be active" which is the automatic / sound activated program channel.

MagicQ is trying to use this channel as a global dimmer for all 4 sub elements, which doesn't work as expected if the automatic program isn't selected. Therefore, once the head has been located it's not possible to turn it off again. The colour channels stay active, but channel 23 is dimmed by MagicQ which has no effect.

I suggest this personality is updated so that channel 23 becomes a separate attribute and virtual dimmers are used instead.
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