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Fixture Shehds

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Fixture Shehds

Postby piccolo factotum » Wed Jul 31, 2019 1:51 pm

Good morning, I need help.
I kindly ask if anyone is available to create fixtures for this product.
Testamobile Shehds Wash 12x18W rgbwauv
Thank you so much!

ch.1 X axis rotation
ch.2 Y axis rotation
ch.3 X-axix fine-tuning
ch.4 Y-axix fine-tuning
ch.5 XY speed adjustment
ch.6 Red Dimmer
ch.7 Green Dimmer
ch.8 Blue Dimmer
ch.9 White Dimmer
ch.10 Amber Dimmer
ch.11 Violet Dimmer
ch.12 Strobe focusing Slow to fast
ch.13 Total Light Adjustment
ch.14 Color Micro Speed
ch.15 Restoration
piccolo factotum
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