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James Thomas PixelLine 110

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James Thomas PixelLine 110

Postby gooser123 » Tue Jun 10, 2008 11:09 am

I am not having much success with the multi head versions of the personalities which include master intensity channels.

The personalities seem to have RGB/A+Int repeated 5 times instead of RGB/A 5 times with just 1 master intensity. (mode 20+E uses 44ch in personality instead of 27)

I have tried to edit them myself but can't see how to keep the master intensity seperate to the multiple heads.

(in the meantime i just leave the fixtures in 15+1 mode and set 5x3ch generic led plus a dimmer for master intensity on the desk)
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Postby ChamSys-NL » Fri Jun 13, 2008 9:20 am

What version of the head file do you have?
In the head file of May 20th the Pixelline 110 is correct with 27 channels in the 20+E mode.

Also in your other post about the PixelPar, it is possible to run them on the LED3CH personality. You can add the MAX1 personality from the James Thomas libary for the speeds and effects. It is the same as you would use when you patch the LED3CH for the 1044 or the LED4CH for the 110.

Personally I try to work most of the times with only yhe LED3CH and LED4CH personalities combined with any effects channels as it makes things a lot easier when you have different LED fixtures/brands in your rig. I use the effects channels only for the master intensity. That way you will have for all RGB LED fixtures a group and for all RGBA fixtures a group.
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messed up personality

Postby gooser123 » Fri Jun 20, 2008 11:34 am

After reading the manual again it seems I probably altered something in my 20+E personality file as after reloading the software it was back to 27 channels; not sure what i did there.
I've just done my first show using everything in 3ch mode and using just the magicq effects, and must say i'm very pleased with the results, much better than i had achieved on the Pearl (although i must confess to not being the most proficient user of the Pearl- I spent many years using the High End Status Cue; for anyone who remembers that thing)

One small thing I found annoying, and wonder if there is a way to fix it? I had the whole width of the set uplit with led, and was using FAN in various modes to mix colours across the set in various mixes. When using SYM to have colours mix from innner to outer, the very end or dead centre led is never lit; depending on which way the fan is currently being pushed.
For example, if a blue wash fades from black on the edge of the set to full in the middle; the exact centre led is black. I manually set the errant led, but surely this is a bug or am I missing the proper use of the effect?

I'm finding it a bit of a learning curve with this system, yet I am already starting to dread the thought of going back to the Pearl; which must tell you something.
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