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Pesonality help

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Pesonality help

Postby shayward » Mon Mar 03, 2014 6:08 pm

I have a Chinese moving head that I had a personality created for, all of the attributes work correctly, except when I go to use the fixture in an FX program. For some reason when I go to use the fixture in an movement fx (like a circle) the head does not move correctly, instead it moves almost like it is going through one attribute, and then the next, instead of all together. It will move through its tilt, and then it's pan. I have attached a screen capture of the head profile. Any help???
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Re: Pesonality help

Postby » Mon Mar 03, 2014 6:39 pm

Eveything seems to be OK. So i think the problem is in your moving head. I have seen spots that can't do two things the same time. This means if you let change pan and tilt at the same time, that they first goto the pan position and then the tilt or teh other way around.

Very easy to test:
- set the moving head in front of a wall
- point the beam to the lower left corner
- store this in a cue
- point the beam to the upper right corner
- store this in a cue
- clear the programmer
- let it run
- now you will see what it does, normaly it should make a diagonal move
- if it can do onoy one thing at a time, it will do the movement in two steps
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