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Postby rubendesnoo » Wed Mar 26, 2014 7:49 pm


I'm working with a preprogrammed show.
In this show I have basic washes, but today I morph to washes with two extra parameters:
- ctc
- white

When morning and updating my pallets, the 'extra' color info is'n added to my cues , I thought this was the new feature of

Another thing I would like to know, when morphing from a mac to a varilite 2500, and update my pallets, and then morph to a robe and update my pallets, and finally morphing back to a vari-lite2500, will the desk remember this pallet info I used with these 2500 spot, like a Hog 4 will do?
If this works, I can morph to some common fixtures and make my pallets, before heading on tour and never have to update my color and beam pallets anymore!

Would be nice.

Best regards
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