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2 attributes for 1 channel?

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2 attributes for 1 channel?

Postby wolfman005 » Tue Nov 18, 2014 6:34 am

Hi everyone. Hoping you guys can help me with a personality problem I'm having.

I have some old American DJ DJ scan 250exs that I'm trying to add back into my rig to get some more beams. These are 5 channel lights.
There is no shutter, there is just a closed position in the gobo wheel. The shutter channel overrides the gobo wheel. I would like to make a virtual dimmer channel for these, that way I can use the Intensity encoder and FX with other scanners I have rather than page through the beam attributes to get to the shutter attribute. It's also very annoying since the clear button will not blackout these lights when busking.
I have ensured the default level for the shutter is set and it doesn't work. I've tried changing the encoder the shutter is on to 1IX and that did nothing. I've tried adding a dimmer channel and making the shutter channel dependent on the dimmer and that did nothing. I've tried a few other things with the head personality and I just cannot get this to work. Is it possible? If so how?
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