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MXR 2 Scroller personality

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MXR 2 Scroller personality

Postby brentmoreland » Fri Dec 25, 2015 8:20 pm

I am using some old Apollo MXR2 Scrollers in front of some source4 pars in a theater I am working at. There is an ETC eos console there, and the scroller and the dimmer for the lamp have been integrated into a single fixture, with color selection via a color picker. I can freely select the fixtures, and the color selection is pretty simple.

I would like to use my magicq rig to control the fixtures, and the rig. I cannot find a head file for the scroller in MagicQ. I am also a little rough on multi-part fixture patching. The MXR 2 is a three channel scroller, with two gel strings.
Two dmx channels control the strings, and the last one controls the fan. I believe the fan is set to auto, however. The trick is the color calibration. The MXR 2 manual is easily obtainable on the Apollo website.

. Please help...

Brent Moreland
New Orleans, LA USA
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