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Chauvet Intimidator 300 - Red Color Issue

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Chauvet Intimidator 300 - Red Color Issue

Postby captainbetty » Mon May 09, 2016 6:30 pm

Hi all...

Maybe it's my setup, but for my Chauvet Intimidator 300 scanners, the RED color in the color pallet actually maps to the Amber color on the device. If I go into the full color pallet (hold the color button down) and choose the "Peach" color, the device shows the RED color.

I can't seem to figure out how to remap it properly. Any suggestions or can someone look at this and recreate?

I will state that looking at the head profile, RED is set to dmx 50; which matches the manual. However, as stated above, I get an Amber (Peachblow) color (dmx 30 according to manual). Choosing Peach from the all color panel, I actually get RED.

I guess the simple solution is to swap the dmx values around..


I think I have my issue fixed, just remapped the DMX Chanel within the Pallet for the head. I'm going to assume this works as I'm offline from my rig.
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