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PC WING switch troubleshooting

Hardware related questions about Mini Wing, PC Wing & Maxi Wing.


PC WING switch troubleshooting

Postby etienne » Thu Apr 11, 2019 6:52 pm


i have a problem with my pc wing ,its an old version blue with black wheels.

when i push one switch , selection button of the playback 1 for example its like i push in the same time 6 buttons of the wing , allways the same buttons are trigged ,and it s the same for all the switch ...
i have use the board test :
all the fader are ok , green confirmation
one wheels not work fine but it s ok , green confirmation , other wheels work relativy fine
all the switchs trigg 6 other switch on the desk in same time like with 6 finger , so red display :(

i have try with old version of chamsys ,
i have try with other pc , all pc turn on windows 10
i have change the usb cable
i have reinstall the driver ...

other indication , before that , since 2 years some time the pc wing restart alone like power disconnection and i have to reconnect the power connector for restart and reconnect the device ...

hellp !

someone have lived the same situation ?
someone have one solution ?

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Re: PC WING switch troubleshooting

Postby » Fri Apr 12, 2019 7:41 am

There is a problem with the wing. Looks like some fluid is spilled in the wing and the sugar that rests is giving, somewhere, a short circuit.
Ask your local distributor to repair it.
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