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Invalid DMX on PCWing but not on miniWing or magicDMX!!

Hardware related questions about Mini Wing, PC Wing & Maxi Wing.


Invalid DMX on PCWing but not on miniWing or magicDMX!!

Postby jaishnavpawala » Sat Jul 27, 2019 10:09 am


here is my problem : my PCWing (original) generates DMX signal that is badly understood by some of my lights, however the same MagicQ setup generates the right DMX single out of a miniwing of a MagicDMX.

I've tested that extensively to understand the problem. Same show file started from scratch, one fixture patched only, clean PC only used for MagicQ. Here are the tests I've done :vidmate mobdro word counter

MagicQPC->PCWing -> Robe Colormix250 : Works OK
MagicQPC->Miniwing -> Robe Colormix250 : Works OK
MagicQPC->PCWing -> Stariville Xbrick : Fails (the xbrick only picks up some channels out of the DMX data train)
MagicQPC->MiniWing -> Stairville Xbrick : Works OK
MagicQPC->MagicDMX -> Stairville Xbrick : Works OK (with the PCWing connected on another USB port to unlock the software)

Any ideas on how to solve this problem ? is there a firmware update for the original PCWing to solve that ?

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Re: Invalid DMX on PCWing but not on miniWing or magicDMX!!

Postby » Sat Jul 27, 2019 10:15 am

Problem is not the PC Wing, but the Stairville. ChamSys PC wing and consoles use a high DMX rate. Some cheap (mostly Chinese) fixtures have problems with the high DMX rate.
You can add an ArtNet/sACN node but one in which you can change the DMX rate/timing.
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