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MQ 40N and Multi window client

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MQ 40N and Multi window client

Postby Darora » Wed May 16, 2018 4:01 pm

Hello to all,
I am wondering if this works because the Manual says:

44.6.9. Additional external screens (MultiWindows) on consoles

The MagicQ Compact, Pro 2010 and Pro 2014 consoles support an external monitor directly from the rear panel.

It is possible to connect more monitors (up to a total of 4) using the MagicQ Multi Window application running on a PC. The MagicQ MultiWindow application comes as part of the MagicQ PC installation. This can be used to display windows from remote MagicQ systems. These additional monitors can be touch screens if the PC supports them.

In order to enable Multi Windows connection on MagicQ enable the net monitor on the console in Setup, View System, View Monitors.

Connect the MagicQ console to the PC/Mac using a network cable and ensure that both PC/Mac and MagicQ console are on the same network IP address range (e.g. 2.x.x.x subnet

On the PC or Mac run the Multi Window Client application. It should automatically detect the console.

Note this function is not supported on the MQ40N console.

But on the Homepage at the MQ40 Specs Site youn can find the following sentence:

The MQ40N has one network port supporting ArtNet, ACN, Pathport, network connection to MagicVis and MagicHD, MagicQ multiwindows (for more windows) and MagicQ Android/iOS app via external router.

And on the product comparison sheet you can find in the row of "Multi Windows via Network" a yes
in the MQ 40N row.

I´ve tried to find hints on every page I could find but found no answer either if it works
or how to set up the console or the PC Application because the MQ40N does have a reduced
Network connection Window.

Can somebode please explain how this could be achieved?

Thanks for Help with Greetings from Germany
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Re: MQ 40N and Multi window client

Postby » Wed May 16, 2018 4:43 pm

Multi Windows client is supported by MQ40N. In the beginning not, but now it is!
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Re: MQ 40N and Multi window client

Postby Darora » Fri May 18, 2018 4:09 pm

Thank you a lot.
Nice to hear.
Can you please tell me how i have to Setup my MQ40 and the Laptop

I have them in the same Range 2.9.200....
Subnet the same
Further Setup Positions do not appear on the Console.

Thanks for help
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