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Chamsys console

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Chamsys console

Postby reo99 » Sat Aug 24, 2019 11:07 pm

I am looking at some chamsys consoles and i want to buy one. An onPC version is not possible.

I can afford a new chamsys mq40N (4590€) a used chamsys mq40N from 2018 good condition (3100€) a used mq200 from 2010 (this means locked at software looks in good condition too (3100€).

What would you recomend ? How fast will the older mq200 be obsolete or will Start to fail ?

What you should know : the console is gonna be most of the time fix at a concert room. Maybe 2 or 3 concerts outside. So she wont move a lot and will always be warm and cosy.
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Re: Chamsys console

Postby Rainschn » Tue Apr 21, 2020 11:45 pm

All are not really good ideas. MQ40(N) are very limited in many things and MQ200 sounds good, but only when it's the 2014 Version. 2010 is not really something for the future as You found out yourself before...
I think You won't be happy for a long time with one of these things.

I had to do the same decision in the end of 2018.
I bought a used MQ100 Pro 2014 and i'm still very happy with it. I've got only some issues with external touch screens that have problems with correct touching. But everything else is great and works fine! I've got two Wings (Exec & Playback) too and so I've got it 'like a MQ300'. That's wonderful to work with!
I think if you look to be happy in the future you should look for a MQ100-2014 oder a MQ70 oder MQ80. They are very good material for the future!

Better wait and search the web for better Material!
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Re: Chamsys console

Postby DrPsyche » Wed May 05, 2021 2:04 pm

What did you choose and what is your expericne using the Chamsys console? If I were choosing between MQ70 or MQ80, I'd go with 70. I had a magicq pc wing, but I sold everything and now want a new build.

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