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DMX Issue with a Venues Rig via MagicQ Dual DMX

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DMX Issue with a Venues Rig via MagicQ Dual DMX

Postby tcutbush » Wed Feb 21, 2018 4:52 pm

We are doing a show at a venue we are hiring, they have 2 DMX universes controlled by a Zero88 Solution XL desk. when using the Zero88 desk the venues rig works perfectly.

However when I replace their desk with my MagicQ PC via a Chamsys DualDMX unit I can only control one universe (universe 1) the other universe doesn't do anything. I have swapped the cables on my DMX unit so I know my unit is working OK. It seems to be something to do with their rig, any suggestions?

As soon as I plug the Zero88 desk but in all works OK, I just con't control universe 2.

I have also tried an Artnet Unit and i get the same results, only able to control Universe 1

This has me puzzled and would appreciate any suggestions as to what the issue may be.
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