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Select segments

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Select segments

Postby DaDe » Tue Mar 11, 2008 9:52 am

With the console on the way and after testing our new led glasspanels with the hog 3 I'm looking for a select segments type of function.
General idea: set a size when selecting fixtures. So when you select the first fixture you automatic select the next [size] fixtures with it. And when pressing next you select the next block.


60 rgb fixtures select size = 20

When selecting the first rgb fixture you select 1->20 after pressing next you select 21->40 and afterwards you select 41->60.

I think it could be very useful whith RGB or dimmers (think of the active sunstrip) and of course every big count fixture...
This could perhaps be overlapping the matrix map. But works much faster for the quick and dirty selections where you don't have time to create the plan layout.
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