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BUG REPORT: Execute Window

PostPosted: Wed Oct 28, 2009 1:39 am
by zeb
Hi, here are a couple of problems I've located with the execute window (all noted on MagicQ PC

  1. When using the 'Item type' soft button, next to encoder E, it's not obvious (apart from the tiny 'F' on the button) whether the item is set to button or fader. Would it be possible for the soft button to show the current setting, much like the 'View Page' soft button displays the page number?
  2. When in 'View Execute', the 'Appearance' soft button is still available but when used does not refresh the screen so that you can see the outline of the rectangular button behind coloured version. I'm guessing that the soft button shouldn't be displayed in 'View Execute'.
  3. The 'Appearance' softbutton shows 'Norm/Ellip' at the bottom but actually switches from 'Coloured' to 'Boxs'!
  4. One state of the 'Appearance' softbutton reads 'Boxs' - shouldn't this be 'Boxes'?
  5. When leaving 'View Max' mode, the window is maximised every time, even when it wasn't maximised before entering 'View Max' mode.
  6. The amount of text displayed on each button is insufficient. When entering longer descriptions it is just cut off, even if the button size would allow the text to be displayed. Can the text be wrapped to fit within the button?
  7. Would it be possible to have a button that doesn't latch, to operate as per the flash buttons? i.e. that is only active for the amount of time the button is clicked / touched? This could then be used for effects like a smoke machine or crowd blinders, etc.

Many thanks in advance.

Re: BUG REPORT: Execute Window

PostPosted: Mon Feb 15, 2010 12:10 pm
by sharkey
I agree on this . Especially about the text I am always changing the text which is a pain.
I agree with all you have written about the execute window.