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multiple suggestions

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multiple suggestions

Postby codystoltz » Wed Mar 31, 2010 10:31 am

Ok so correct me if there is a step I missed, because Im still semi new to the console. Im still adjustin to im really a hog3 user but I have fallen in love with this console. Ok so last week I was working a show and I had a bunch of old diversitronic 3ks and well programming a random flash was a pain. so my nuber one would be For any strobe fixture Could youll program it to do a random flash that way so I dont have to make an effect for it to run like that, Be really nice.

Second thing I dont know if there is a way to do it but on the hog you can insert links to run chases in the cue lists. So If I was running one master stack for the show and I wanted to do a 3 part chase at one point during the show without having to program a whole new playback or like 50 cues. So Is there a way youll could possibly put in the feature to do a link to where I could be like insert link after cue such and such to link back to cue 3 5 times? just saying that would be cool.

Also with the move when dark feature I want to be able to turn that feature on and off for certain cues because it was causing problems with my strobes in a theater the other day. It would bring up the rate in one of the cues making it do its solid blaster feature, not good, so If I could have the abillty to make it to where the console doesnt do that for certain cues that would be great to.

my last request is I was screwing with the effects engine the other day and I was trying to get it to start with green that fade to white of course off setted. But could youll make like under the attributes could youll make like a master for the cmy that would keep the color but go between any color. Like If I wanted it yellow with a blue effect running through it so it would go from yellow to blue. I guess youll can get what im saying.

Well that everything I had to suggest things that would make it that much better of a console.
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Re: multiple suggestions

Postby » Wed Mar 31, 2010 12:25 pm

Bugs and new feature requests should be posted at:
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Re: multiple suggestions

Postby Ebbe » Wed Aug 11, 2010 1:42 am

You can use the simple and easy to use makros to start other cuestacks. Two easy read pages in manual. I recommend...:-)
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