Chapter 28. Network Manager (SnakeSys)

MagicQ supports a Window for managing SnakeSys network products including the SnakeSys B4, SnakeSys R4, SnakeSys T2 and SnakeSys R8.

The Network Manager (Setup, View DMX I/O, Net Manager) can be used for monitoring and configuring SnakeSys products.


SnakeSys products can be configured in two different ways – in normal mode the product is configured from the front panel switches and buttons on the SnakeSys product. In ChamNet mode the switches and buttons are ignored and the product is configured from MagicQ.

28.1. Normal (non ChamNet mode)

If the SnakeSys product is set in a mode other than ChamNet Mode (such as Art-Net , ACN or buffer) then it is not possible to configure the interface from Net Manager. However, the device will still appear in Net Manager and it is possible to view its configuration.

28.2. ChamNet Mode (MQ Net)

In ChamNet mode each SnakeSys product on the network is considered to be a different interface with a different ID in the range 0 to 99. All interfaces should have different IDs.

The ID is set on the SnakeSys product using either the control panel or rotary switches.

The SnakeSys product can be configured using the CONFIG DEVICE soft button and selecting an appropriate profile.


The profiles act as a starting point – once a starting profile has been chosen, the detailed configuration can all be set individually for each port by changing to the VIEW PORTS view.


The rate, frame, MAB and Break timing can be set for each interface – the timings affect all ports on the interface.

When configured as Outputs the ports can be configured to output the same or different Art-Net / ACN universes.

The Cons Uni field shows the console universe on MagicQ that is outputting the data that the port is trying to read. If no console universe is set to output on that port then the field is blank.

At any time you can revert back to a standard profile by pressing the CONFIG DEVICE soft button – this will show the list of DMX profiles.

28.3. Upgrading SnakeSys firmware

SnakeSys product firmware can be firmware upgraded from MagicQ software - the latest MagicQ software contains the latest firmware for all SnakeSys products - this can be found in the firmware folder under on the installation.

ChamSys recommend not attempting a firmware update on SnakeSys products in a critical show environment.

Download the latest MagicQ software from the ChamSys download site. In order to upgrade the full range of SnakeSys devices MagicQ must be running software version or higher.

  • Connect the SnakeSys device to either a MagicQ Console or MagicQ PC/Mac System via a direct network cable. It is advisable to remove all other equipment from the network.
  • SnakeSys devices ship with a default IP address in the 2.X.X.X range, in order to update the firmware on your device MagicQ must also be set to an IP address within this range.
  • Set the SnakeSys device to be in ChamNet/MagicQ mode
  • In Net Manager, put the cursor on the device to be upgraded and press UPGRADE DEVICE.
  • Choose the required firmware version. In older versions of MagicQ you need to specify the version number of the firmware.
  • Do not power off the interface whilst the firmware is being upgraded. When MagicQ reports "Device restarted successfully" the upgrade is complete.


If you are sent a newer firmware file by ChamSys support then copy the file into the firmware folder in the MagicQ installation. To install it onto a MagicQ console put the file onto a USB stick, then in MagicQ go to Setup, File Manager. Select USB DRIVE. Press COPY and select the file as the soruce to copy. Then select the destination, by selecting HARD DRIVE, UP DIR, and select the firmare folder. Press the "." item to copy to. Then follow the procedure above.

The firmware has the filename firmware_XXXX_YYYY where the XXXX is the product code and YYYY is the firmware version number. The product codes are:

  • SnakeSys B4 334A
  • SnakeSys R4 342A
  • SnakeSys T2 419B
  • SnakeSys R8 330A

28.4. Older ChamSys 4 Port Ethernet interfaces

Older Chamys 4 Port Ethernet Interfaces and the SnakeSys B4 interfaces manufactured prior to 2013 (serial numbers with last 4 digits less than 0268) have no storage for configuration data and so when in ChamNet mode they always get their configuration from MagicQ every time they are powered up.

When the interface starts up it will recognise that it is in MQ Mode and then will search on the network to find a MagicQ system that can give it a configuration. The interface will not output or input DMX data until it has received configuration from a MagicQ system.

The MagicQ system stores the configuration information for all these older interfaces as console settings. In View Ports, press the INSERT B4MK1 button to add a new interface. MagicQ will present a list of default profiles for configuring the interface.

An interface can be removed by putting the cursor on the line of the interface and pressing REMOVE.

If there are multiple MagicQ consoles on the network, then only the master one (as per Hot Takeover) will provide configuration information to the interfaces.

Newer SnakeSys B4s and all other SnakeSys products will appear automatically in the list and do not need to be inserted or removed.

28.5. Output Setup

In order to use a SnakeSys product with a MagicQ system the MagicQ system must be set up in Setup, View DMX I/O to output or input universes over the network

When outputing from the SnakeSys product set up MagicQ universes with Output type of Art-Net or ACN with the Out Uni set to the Art-Net or ACN universes that the SnakeSys device is set to decode.

For inputting DMX from the SnakeSys product set up MagicQ unvierses with Input type of Art-Net or ACN with the In Uni set to the Art-Net or ACN universes that the SnakeSys device is set to generate.