Chapter 2. Version

This was only released for MQ500M consoles.

2.1. New Features

2.1.1. MQ500M

This is the first release with support for MQ500M. In addition to all normal MQ500 features, the MQ500M supports motorised faders, playback encoders, backlit buttons and custom illumination.

See the chapter Motorisation and Customisation in the manual for more details.

2.1.2. MQ500 / MQ500M Previs Panels

In MagicQ PC the MQ500 and MQ500M Previs panel modes can be used to previsualise shows on MQ500 and MQ500M consoles. The MQ500M panel models the MQ500M front panel including motorised faders, playback encoders and the new button layout.

MagicQ PC now supports loading of shows with up to 256 universes and can visualise internally using MagicVis or connect to external 3rd party visualisers for all 256 universes via direct network links.

When in MQ500 Previs and MQ500M Previs panel modes normal lighting output is inhibited and external Visualisers must be connected with direct visualiser links. These are configured in the Visualiser field in Setup, View DMX I/O.

The options are:


Capture (rem)

Capture (same PC)



Art/sACN(same PC)


When set to Art/sACN MagicQ sends directly over ArtNet or sACN to the Visualiser using the settings in Out Type and Out Uni. The universe does not need to be enabled.

In Setup, View Settings, Network set Visualiser IP to the required IP address of the Visualiser system. ArtNet and sACN data sent to Visualisers via the Visualisers field is always unicast - it is never broadcast or multicast.

When MagicQ PC sends to an external Visualiser the data for universes 65 to 256 will have occasional breaks to prevent it being used to control real lighting rigs. These breaks are not present on MQ500 200 universe or MQ500M consoles which output full 256 universes.

Note that in normal panel modes MagicQ PC outputs up to 64 universes for real control of lighting rigs configured in the Status, Out Type, Out Uni fields in Setup, View DMX I/O.

2.1.3. Other Changes

Visualiser beam brightness can be individually adjusted in the Brightness field in the Patch window, View Vis, View Heads.

The Vis window on the MQ500 will automatically switch to wireframe rendering if it will take too long to render a shaded frame, such as when blinders are focused directly into the camera.

MagicQ Compact Consoles (MQ80, MQ70 and MQ50) can now adjust their direct DMX512 frame timings to be more defensive on fixtures that experience lost frames due to fast timings.

When using MagicHD Quick Mode the video will reset to the beginning when the intensity is reduced to 0.

2.2. Bug Fixes

Fix an issue with audio file selection in cue stacks where having a space in the filename would cause the file to not be found #0025252

The Tracker functionality no longer requires the Plot or Vis windows to be open in order to function.

The MagicQ Vis window was causing MagicQ to slow down when lots of beams were being shown. This is now fixed and the overall rendering speed has been increased slightly.

Multitouch control on Mac touchpads was handling scroll gestures incorrectly and was causing spurious touch events. Multitouch has been disabled on Mac to avoid these issues.

Support for additional GDTF attributes has been added while a number of issues with scene object rotations in MVR files have been fixed.

The window name of the Vis and Plot windows was not shown correctly in the Window Size dialog.

2.2.1. MagicHD

The "Select Player" option in MagicQ can switch video outputs between the MagicHD layers and MagicHD Quick Mode and their associated media server.

Fixed MagicQ and MagicHD you can now hear audio from videos when being played using MagicHD Quick mode in both MagicHD and MagicQ.

Fixed MagicHD Standalone not showing file conversion progress.

Pressing the touchscreen on the MQ50 and MQ70 turns off the screensaver.

Mouse cursor is hidden when operating the touchscreen on the MQ50 and MQ70.

2.2.2. MQ50 / MQ70

MQ50 and MQ70 consoles have an update to the Linux kernel, which provides the following improvements:

  • Flickering lines on internal screen has been fixed
  • Audio output is less noisy during boot
  • Speed improvements to internal flash storage
  • Fixed issue where, on rare occasions, the show folder would temporarily be missing after powering on or rebooting the console
  • Fixed issue where, on rare occasions, the console would fail to fully boot