Chapter 6. Version

6.1. New Features

6.1.1. Trackers

It is now possible to receive Tracker and Vis Object position data at the same time - new "Tracker + vis (rx)" and "Tracker + vis (tx)" options.

Tracker Palettes in use for XYZ trackers can now have X and Z offsets added to the Palette for each head. X is set in the Pan and Z in the Tilt. This offset applies to the Tracker Palette overall XYZ position.

6.2. Bug Fixes

Fixed problem when MWD global fade time in Setup, View Settings, Cue Storage was set to 0 seconds. MWD Cue Stacks would crash.

Fixed problem in Palette View Window where Encoder E did not work to change values.

Fixed problem in Palette View Window where setting values did not take account of the current attribute display type - it always expected DMX. Now takes whatever is being shown - DMX, % or degrees.

Fixed problem where the Tooltips introduced in v1.8.6.8 would not get displayed.

Fixed issue where the Plot and Vis windows did not close when the X was clicked. #0024989