Chapter 7. Version

7.1. New Features

REORDER FX in the Programmer view now supports reordering of Group FX. Note that for Group FX it reorders the Groups within the FX, not the Heads within the Groups. For reordering of heads within a Group FX use the Direction field in the FX.

Added support for RND to the FX direction. This can be used on both normal and Group FX. For Group FX the random is generated in real time when the Cue is loaded into the Cue Engine so may vary slightly when shows are reloaded.

7.2. Bug Fixes

Fixed problem with Pixelmapper when used in the programmer in versions to Pixelmap FX and media would run at random speeds or not at all. #0024704

Fixed a problem with reordering FX which have multiple attributes such as TiltDimFeDe. #0012857, #0016757

Fixed general problems with reordering FX. #0012857, #0013839, #0011562, #0023707, #0024365.

Reorder FX now shows more clearly shows last action completed. #0024058

Fixed problem with Cue Stacks jumping fades when two or more sequential Cues had the same timecode value #0024889

Fix for Windows using fixed number of row windows - ensure they fit in available total height - revert to default row size if they will not fit.

Prevent non boxes windows from being set to fixed number of rows (except Execute and Playback).

MagicQ has a function for any personalities it finds with RGB Fixtures with intensity or VDIM but with colour defaults all set to 0 - it changes the default to the locate value to ensure that fixture can be seen when intensity is turned on. Now, MagicQ will only do this correction on personalities from the MagicQ library. If the user modifies and re-saves a personality then it will no longer take place, thus enabling the user to set the RGB colour defaults to 0 if required.

Fixed rotation issues with Depence CSV import.

While importing heads from CSV, the visualiser room will be resized to fit all heads if it is too small.