Chapter 8. Version

8.1. New Features

8.1.1. Mouse Tips / Dialog Tips

MagicQ now includes a Help Mode option for showing help for Setup and Cue Stack settings.

Help mode is set in Setup, View Settings, Windows, Help Mode. Mouse Tips are used when hovering the mouse over settings in the Setup, View Settings and Cue Stack, View Options windows. Dialog Tips are used when viewing/changing settings in the Select and Keyboard dialog boxes.

The Select and Keyboard Dialogs show the setting help at the bottom of the dialog box. These can also be shown or hidden by pressing the ? in the title bar of these dialog boxes.

The Cue Stack Macro keyboard dialog also shows a list of the possible Cue Stack Macros.

Mouse Tips and Dialog Tips are automatically enabled on all new MagicQ installations and when upgrading to version

Currently they are available for English (UK), Spanish (E) and Dutch (NL).

8.1.2. Trackers

MagicQ now has support for multiple Tracker protocols for receiving real time XYZ tracking from other systems including the ESTA Object Transform Protocol (OTP), the PSN protocol and an open ChamSys protocol.

MagicQ now supports setting up a Palette to be fixed on a XYZ position in the MagicVis space. The lights will remain focused on this position regardless of changes to the positioning of the lights within MagicVis - thus enabling lights on trusses that are moving during the show to remain fixed on set XYZ positions.

MagicQ also supports setting up a Palette to track a MagicVis object. The MagicVis object can be under control of a Generic Movement head or using OTP Vis Object rx. The lights track the XYZ position of the MagicVis object.

A complete new "Trackers" Chapter in the manual is dedicated to Trackers and a new Tracker Demo.shw is included in the MagicQ demo folder.

8.1.3. Automations / Macros

Automations can now be enabled/disabled from within the Autom Window. It is also possible to enable and disable Automs using the W Cue Stack Macro.

W <Autom ID> / <Enable>

Enable is 1 for enable, 0 for disable.

Cue Stack macros now support the comma , as well as the forward slash / for separating parameters for macro commands that have more than one parameter.

8.1.4. Other Changes

When using multi-touch screens, it is now possible to press and hold a playback legend to show its Cue Stack window, while operating the encoders, soft buttons and window. This is especially useful on consoles without S keys (for example MQ50 and MQ70 consoles).

The Patch, View Chans view now supports filtering by attribute using soft button B to enable more easy setting of per attribute data such as curves, minimum and maximums. Pressing soft button B gives a list of attributes to filter by. Pressing again removes the filtering.

MagicQ can now import patch and XYZ information from Depence visualiser using Patch, View Chans, Import Heads.

When including Cues for selected or for specific attributes an update is not enabled. This avoids data being accidentally removed from Cues using the Include and Update method. If an update is required then the Cue can be overwritten by recording to the specific Cue Id and replacing the existing Cue.

When using the keypad to set relative intensities (e.g. - 10) if the intensity channel is not activated in the programmer it will first be activated before the relative intensity change is performed - this avoids the user needing to activate the channel.

8.1.5. MQ50 / MQ70

Startup / factory menu now supports front panel buttons.

Installation of previous versions is now supported from the startup menu.

Plot view now supports gestures such as pinch zooming.

8.2. Bug Fixes

Fixed heads.all unpacking where some fixtures including the Robe Spiider were not unpacked successfully.

Fixed problem with fade in of Col flick FX - the fade in sometimes resulted in erroneous colours such as a white/black transition.

Fixed problem when fading in and out FX with instant attributes. The fade in and out will now always snap the instant attributes. This enables a colour wheel snap FX avoiding a fade in through all the col wheel colours.

Fixed problem with RDM physical readdressing in Net Manager which caused Patch windows to show incorrectly and could cause resets. #00024268

Fixed problem restoring values from a LTP fader after another playback temporarily overrides it and releases #0023818

Fixed Audio level from older show files showing as 127%.

Fixed problem in Net Manager when setting ArtNet node universes above 255.

Fixed tracking problem when jumping to a Cue with track out FX #24805

Fixed problem with Track Out of Simple Pixel Map FX and problem with Cues that have modified versions of the same tracking Simple Pixel Map FX.

Made improvement for Capture / MSEX connection to use updated multicast port.

Fix for selecting heads with VDIMs (if heads were after VDIMs in the patch then problems could occur).