Chapter 9. Version

This version is required for MQ70 users needing to install a 48 universe upgrade license.

9.1. MagicVis on Windows

The first time that MagicVis (or MagicQ build in Vis) starts up it will use the new (OpenGL 3.3 based) Renderer. If your Operating System or Graphics Drivers do not support OpenGL 3.3 then in MagicQ go to the Visualiser Menu and select Use Old Renderer. If MagicVis fails to start it will restart and use the old rendering system.

9.2. Bug Fixes

When importing CSV/USITT files, folders are now visible in the file manager.

Fixed issues with generating the gamut boundaries in the colour picker.

On MQ50 and MQ70 consoles added three external touchscreen options to monitors window: Swap XY Axes, Invert X axes, Invert Y axes.

On MQ50 and MQ70 consoles allow changing of external monitor resolution.

Fixed MQ70 not keeping the encoder and fader LED brightness level after a reboot even though the showfile saves the brightness level.