Chapter 10. Version

10.1. New Features

10.1.1. Window Sizing dialog

There is now a window icon on the right hand side of the title bar to open the window sizing dialog - previously it was necessary to press SIZE (ALT + PATCH on MQ500 consoles or ALT + EXEC on Compact consoles) or to double click on the title bar.

When selecting the one, two, or three row buttons then shape of the currently focused window will automatically be changed to the dynamic shape windows - if the window was previously on the left it will use Left 1, Left 2, Left 3 and Left 4. If the window was on the right it will use Right 1, Right 2, Right 3, and Right 4.

Two new buttons to automatically arrange windows have been added - "Arrange horiz" and "Arrange vert". All windows on the monitor with the currently focused window are rearranged either horizontally (starting left to right) or vertically (top to bottom).

The arrangement takes the order that the windows were opened starting with the first opened. For example if you all windows are closed then you select Group window followed by Position Window and select "Arrange Vert" then the two windows will be resized with the Group in the top half and the Position in the bottom half.

If more than 8 windows are open when "Arrange horiz" or "Arrange vert" is selected then the last 8 opened will be used.

It is now possible to drag windows from one position to another within the Window Sizing Dialog to manually arrange the window positioning.

10.1.2. 10Scene

Added support for triggering 10Scene in ChamSys Ethernet Remote Protocol. The X command is used with a variable number of parameters

<button id> X

10Scene zone 1 button

<button id> , <state> X

10Scene zone 1 button press or release

<zone id> , <button id> , <state> X

10Scene zone button press or release


<button id> is an integer between 1 and 10 <zone id> is an integer between 1 and 20 <state> is 1 for pressed, 0 for released

Added support for triggering 10Scene in Cue Stack Macros

T 0 <zone id> <button id> <state>

10.1.3. Other changes

Added extra Head Import Options to enable readdressing, morphing and cloning when importing heads using the .csv files from Vectorworks/WYSIWYG and other CAD packages.

Implemented "testser" command on consoles and non-Windows PCs.

Improved saving and recalling of window modes into Layouts.

Added extra Cue Stack macro command to enable activation and release of Execute Grid items. Use E0 and F0 - e.g. to activate and release Exec Grid 5, item 10

E0/5/10 F0/5/10

Reduced number of colour schemes down to two black and one high contrast.

The accuracy of the tap to time feature has been enhanced. It can now measure rates accurately even at very high BPMs. The tap to time feature will now use up to 16 taps. Tapping past this limit will average the last 16 taps.

Added support for an improved colour picker in the MagicQ Remote App.

10.2. Bug Fixes

Enabled use of the serial port on MQ500 consoles.

The single quote key on the right of the on screen keyboard now types a single quote and not a backtick. This means it can be used when typing remote commands and OSC strings (e.g. the X cue macro).

Fixed problem when cancelling out of an Update. It didn’t reset the update state causing the Output window appear to be frozen.

Fixed problem in TC tracks where a flash button press could get recorded as 0 seconds long.

Fixed problem on MQ500 X/Y encoder boxes where pressing on screen X/Y encoder boxes would not work if finger dragged slightly.

Fixed setting of playback / cue stack levels in TC Tracks - previously accepted DMX level rather than percentage.

Fixed problem on MQ500 whereby first layout was always generated as Group, Pos, Colour, Beam even when existing show files were loaded.

When in Execute Max mode ensure the main window is sized to the requested Execute Window size.

Fixed a reset that could occur when deleting an autom that had been copied.

Fixed a reset when certain features of the pixel mapper were used together.

Fixed a reset when activating a head that had no main elements.

Fixed an issue where the new colour picker would be briefly visible on startup.

In the CSV/USITT import view, folders are now visible when browsing for files.

Fixed issues with the file manager on certain consoles.

MagicVis: the change to colour rendering in previous releases has been reverted for now. This was causing the white channels of some fixtures to have a blue tint.