Chapter 102. Version

102.1. New Features

102.1.1. MagicVis / Plot View

Plot View is now available within MagicVis. Full support for head selection and Target Focus, Target Hold is available. This enables users of MagicQ MQ40N/MQ60/MQ70 who do not have the benefits of the Plot View direct on the console, to use the Plot View on a connected laptop.

The Plot View now has two different views - View Heads and View Elements. In View Heads, the whole heads are shown as one. In View Elements all the elements of the heads are shown.

MagicVis now supports multiple windows, enabling one or more Plot Views to be open at the same time as 3D Views.

Improved MagicVis stand alone when using a loaded show (i.e. not synced to a console) so that it determines which network universes to listen to based on the loaded show file - previously it had assumed ArtNet starting at 0-0 only. Now if the show file is taken from a console which was using ACN or Pathport then this will be used instead. This enables MagicVis to be used as a monitor on any lighting network regardless of the ArtNet/ACN setup.

102.1.2. Output Grid Multi Head Support

The Output Grids now support manipulation of multi element heads and duplicated heads as complete objects. Multi Head mode is enabled on soft button D. In Multi Head mode, MagicQ automatically keeps tracks of the elements of the the multi element or duplicated heads, adjusting them each time the head is inserted, moved or rotated in the Grid.

Setting Multi Head "off" will change back to each element operating independently as in previous versions of software.

The Insert Heads soft button now has 5 options - Horiz, Vert, 3D, Dup Ele and Col Web.

Horiz, Vert insert into the Grid in the horizontal or vertical direction. Multi element heads will be inserted into separate grid cells according to the width and height specifiers in the personality. Duplicate element heads will be inserted as a single cell.

3D is used for inserting for 3D pixel mapping in the 3rd dimension - only multi element heads can be inserted in 3D.

Dup Ele is to insert all the elements of a Duplicated Element head into the grid as separate cells.

102.1.3. Large Show Performance enhancements

Increased maximum head number to 65205.

Added support for ACN unicast. In previous versions the Unicast fields in Setup, DMX I/O were only implemented for ArtNet. Now they are supported for ACN as well. When set to Unicast, data is only sent to the Unicast address, not the Multicast address.

Added experimental reduced size show format. This stores the same show data but in a compressed format to reduce the show file size making loads and saves quicker and making Net Sessions more efficient. Show files are saved with the _R.shw prefix. Show files in the reduced format can NOT be loaded into MagicQ software older than v1.7.1.1. Shows in the reduced format can be converted into normal format by loading into MagicQ PC (Windows, Mac, Linux) v1.7.1.1 or above and then re saved in the normal show format. The normal show format can be loaded into any MagicQ software version.

Improved auto save when saving shows with large numbers of big Cues so that it does not impact the GUI operation.

Added support for new MQ dongle for larger shows.

102.1.4. Other changes

Support for flash buttons within Execute Windows on the Android/iOS remote app.

Improved handling of file copies - copy progress is now shown in the status bar.

Added the Apollo gobos and updated the Lee gobos.

102.2. Bug Fixes

Fix for ACN input. Previously the data from all universes above ACN Universe 15 were ignored.

Fix when including Cues into the programmer. If the Cue being included has more than one FX in it and the 2nd or higher FX has channels that are already in FX in the Programmer, then the FX in the Programmer will not be replaced correctly and additional FX will be created in the Programmer.

Fix for when exporting shows with Cues that have more than one FX in them. Cues with more than one FX in them will lose the Width parameter for the 2nd and higher FX.

Fix for setting host name on MQ80.

Fix for copying data in the programmer and in Cues between VDIM heads. #0010986

Fix for Head Test #0011340

Fix for stepping Chases with crossfade less than 100%. #00010649

Fixed Patch, View Chans view for unpatched heads - the text was missing.

On a MQ80 in previous versions if Setup, View Settings, MagicQ Wings & Interfaces was set to "No" then the front panel LEDs, and desklamp would not work correctly.

Fixed problem with Preview in MagicVis - when Output Source was set to anything other than "Output" then changing heads in the Programmer caused the Preview to be reverted to the Output.