Chapter 103. Version

103.1. MQ80 Firmware Improvements

Version has new MQ80 front panel firmware v0.32 bundled within the installer. The new front panel firmware has a number of improvements including smoother fader transitions, fixes to the DMX output timing of the direct DMX out ports, and fixes to MIDI and Timecode features.

We recommend all MQ80 users to upgrade to the new front panel firmware, particularly if they are using the direct DMX output ports or wish to use MIDI or LTC. In the previous firmware DMX problems have been identified with some fixtures such as SGM P5s and when using MIDI or LTC inputs the front panel could repeatedly reset.

In order to upgrade the front panel firmware, first install the version main software. Then upgrade the front panel firmware to v0.32 - making sure you select the correct v0.32 firmware file. See the manual for full details on how to upgrade software and firmware.

103.2. MQ40/MQ40N/MQ60/MQ70 Front Panel Firmware

It is not normally necessary to upgrade the front panel firmware on these products.

It is very important that if you do upgrade the front panel firmware you are NOT running main software versions to when. These versions had a problem that would cause the upgrade of the front panel firmware to fail rendering the front panel broken. Change to version or before carrying out the front panel firmware upgrade. Broken front panels will need to be returned to ChamSys for repair.

103.3. Bug Fixes

Fix to front panel firmware upgrading of MQ40/40N/60/70. In versions to upgrading the front panel firmware would fail rendering the front panel unusable.