Chapter 105. Version

105.1. Mac OSX Users El Capitan

Further changes to try to work around Apple El Capitan OSX problem that forces MagicQ Wings & Interfaces to use the buggy Apple FTDI driver rather than the well proven and tested manufacturer provided driver.

We STRONGLY recommend that users do not upgrade their OSX systems to El Capitan if they are using MagicQ Wings and Interfaces. For users who have already upgraded to El Capitan we would like feedback on whether version works ok with your MagicQ Wings and Interfaces.

MagicQ Wings and Interfaces are now supported under El Capitan but under some circumstances OSX may lock up for several minutes before the hardware is detected. By default MagicQ on El Capitan now only supports MagicQ PC Wing Compact and MagicQ Extra Wing Compact. For other MagicQ products please set the following setting of Setup, View Settings, Ports, MagicQ Wings & Interfaces

OSX El Capitan

PC Wing Compact & Extra Wing Compact

Yes, auto DMX

Mini Wing, Audio i/f, Maxi Wing, MIDI/SMPTE i/f


OSX Previous Versions

All products

Yes, Auto DMX

105.2. Bug Fixes

Fix for ACN and ChamNet on MQ80.

Modified timecode jump checking back to as it was in New style checking can be enabled via Debug Mode = 32.

Fix for Execute font size change in #0011139

Fixed Highlight Mode - highlight only - no lowlight. Previously it would set all non sub selected heads from the current selection to 0% intensity. Now it leaves them at their Programmer/Playback level.