Chapter 106. Version

106.1. Other changes

Modified new Highlight feature so it only jumps into individual control if no heads are selected.

Added "range" option to DMX input options in Automs.

Improved checking for timecode jumps when using manual Cue steps in a timecoded Cue Stack.

106.2. Bug Fixes

Work around Apple El Capitan OSX problem that forced MagicQ Wings & Interfaces to use the buggy Apple FTDI driver rather than the well proven and tested manufacturer provided driver.

Fix for saving/loading Group based FX to show files. If the Groups IDs used in the FX did not correspond to patched channels then the FX would not be loaded properly. The work around was to ensure that the channels that have IDs the same as the Group IDs have patched channels - i.e. if Group 23 is used then make sure channel 23 has a patched head or dimmer.

Fix for remote control of a MQ80 and multiwindows with a MQ80 - in previous version it would reset.