Chapter 107. Version

107.1. Other changes

Added support for MQ40N.

Modified defaults for Normal mode to support selection from keypad and to use advanced highlight/lowlight mode. Improved highlight and lowlight mode for dimmers. Now when pressing HIGHLIGHT if some heads are selected it will go directly into single mode - previously it just highlighted all the selected heads.

Added short cut on Compact for HOME and END. Press ALT and LAYOUT 1 and LAYOUT 3 respectively.

Added support for Timecode Retransmit when using timecode input via Winamp.

Changing name of auto groups to eliminate the "All" as with more and more heads this was reducing the amount of space for the name of the head.

Added additional options for number of boxes wide on External Monitors.

Added option to MagicVis menu to reset Vis window position to 0,0.

107.2. Bug Fixes

Fixed problem with Simple Panel Mode that could cause the Cue Engine to stop temporarily when using some of the preset faders.

Fixed problem with Patch, Copy Head Prog in recent betas whereby Copy Options were erroneously shown.

Fixed problem whereby after unlinking a Cue the Cue Store window was not automatically refreshed.

Fixed problem whereby when choosing heads after starting a new show the Patch Window, Choose Head, Filter by Patched, showed erroneous Patched heads.

Fixed problem when unlinking Cues - it would create new Cues even if the Cue was already unlinked. Now only unlinks a Cue if it is linked. Also fixed updating of unlinked state reporting after removing Cues.

Fixed problem with copying Cues to selected heads or copying heads within Cues when copying to a greater number of heads than are in the source Cue.

Added support for holding MOVE and pressing GROUP, INT, COL, POS, BEAM to make attributes hard values. This shortcut was omitted when we added support for making values hard in previous betas.

Added support for unlinking multiple Cues in the Cue Stack Window using cursor select.

Fixes for setting intensity on elements of duplicated elements with individual VDIMs for each channel.

Fixed problem with ADD VDIM on fixtures with duplicate elements - MagicQ would try to add an incorrect number of VDIMs.

Fix for reset when creating Auto Groups.

Fix for creating Personality search index that could cause front panel reset on MQ80 and potentially complete reset on other Compact consoles.

Fix for Compact consoles when using FX on large numbers of LEDs that could cause a reset when modifying FX parameters. #0010842

Fix for setting of names for User Curves in Curve Editor #0010905

Fix for palette soft buttons in Position Window (affected last few betas).