Chapter 108. Version

108.1. Virtual Dimmers on Duplicated Heads

Added support for virtual dimmers for duplicate personalities. For each duplicate head a special duplicate dimmer head is required with the correct number of dimmers. For example if the duplicate head has 3 elements then the dimmer head should have 3 elements.

The MagicQ personality library now has vdim personalities for 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,20 and 100 element heads. They are under manufacturer "generic" and name "vdim", for example generic_vdim_3ele.hed. Vdim personalities for other number of elements can easily be made be editing the 100 element personality (e.g. generic_vdim_78ele), saving it as a new head and changing the number of channels.

When adding VDIMs to existing patched heads in the Patch Window by using SHIFT and ADD VDIM, for personalities with duplicated elements, MagicQ will now try to add a VDIM with duplicated elements. MagicQ looks for personalities with the format generic_vdim_XXele.hed where XX is the number of duplicated elements.

Note that vdims are only applicable for heads that have colour mixing and do not have any dimmer channels.

108.2. Other changes

Added wild carding support to the date field for Scheduled events in the Autom Window. For example /6/ will only run the autom in June.

Improved support for copied channels in the Patch so that they now use the min, max, inverts and fader curve from the copied channel. #0010013

Modified MagicQ so that when a 2nd step is added to a Cue Stack it only changes settings that are different between the single step and multi step default settings. #0010725

108.3. Bug Fixes

Fix for problem on MagicQ consoles where if a link was lost to Playback Wings or Execute Wings then the link would not be recovered ( affected versions to

Fix for problem on MagicQ consoles where long tasks such as loading from USB stick, saving to USB or saving large shows to USB, which took over 5 seconds, caused links to Wings and MagicQ Interfaces to be dropped.

Fix for morphing of colour wheels and gobo wheels. In recent betaa versions the morphing of colour wheels and gobo wheels did not work well. In particular when changing between different modes of a fixture the colour wheels and gobo wheels failed to copy correctly.

Fix for problem when using knockout, make active or make hard by holding REMOVE, SET or MOVE keys. Sometimes the REMOVE, SET, or MOVE key could remain active after the change.

Fixed problem with channels running an FX on a playback are overriden in the programmer with an FX. If the playback fader was set to control FX size, then if this fader was not at 100% the programmer FX would take this size and could not be changed.

Fixed problem when using Next Head with VDims without selecting a range first #0010682

Fixed problem with USITT import whereby some formats could cause MagicQ to crash.

Fix for recall of Plot View on external windows using Layout buttons.

Fix to ensure Vis is updated after heads are morphed.

The NO STOMP option in LTP stomping would not work correctly when multiple playbacks were active with the same channel. #0006793