Chapter 109. Version

First release for MQ80.

Added Search to File Manager when choosing heads. This allows searching for a particular fixture type using the manufacturer name, fixture name, mode name, number of channels and key attributes offsets. If a fixture is not in the ChamSys library then this allows a search of the complete library to find fixtures that are similar. Particularly useful when dealing with "unbranded" fixtures. Go to Choose Head then Search. Search results can be viewed in both Simple View and Adv View. Press View All to return to viewing all fixtures in the library.

109.1. Bug Fixes

Fixed problem with removing values from Cues in the Cue Window which caused resets. #0010413

Fixed problem with copying Cue Stacks to new heads #0010582

Fixed problems with Timeline Track Sheet display #0010417

Fixed problem with MagicCap crashing and not working correctly #0010549