Chapter 11. Version

11.1. New Features

11.1.1. Layouts and Multi Console selections in the Execute windows

In the Execute Window under the Assign Special soft button it is now possible to assign layouts and multi console control items.

The multi console control items enable faster switching of fixture control than using the Setup, View DMX I/O, Multicon Sel soft button and menus. It is possible to select different multi console control groups and to store them in the Execute Window.

11.1.2. Other changes

Enabled reception of Midi CC messages for the MQ70, MQ80 and MQ500. For MQ500 consoles CH346 firmware version V1.24 is required, MQ80 and MQ70 consoles do not need a firmware upgrade.

In multi console mode when using users the Slave will now load the user settings when it resyncs. Note that individual user settings are not currently copied between the consoles, so if users need to access from different consoles it may be neccesary to copy the user files (user_XXXX.set) between the consoles.

Added a Pixelmapper 2 Col FX to enable simple two colour FX.

Added a PRELOAD CANCEL function to the execute window. Once in preload mode, press SHIFT+PRELOAD GO to cancel all preloads.

11.2. Bug Fixes

Fixed a number of crashes that could occur in the new colour picker.

The colour picker now enters single point mode when opened, even with multiple fixture types selected.

Fixed an issue with the colour picker controlling some "colour macro" channels as if they were amber.

Fixed an issue with the brightness fader having no handle when the colour picker was opened.

Added support for more GDTF features when importing. Physical data and colourimetry is now imported if available; fog, fan, blower, and haze attributes are now supported.

When receiving sACN on a PC MagicQ now ignores any sACN data received from itself.

When groups were moved the Execute windows lost the links to the Groups.

Fix for old show files where in a small number of older versions dimmers got stuck on at 100% all the time.

Fix for cursor selecting and changing multiple individual times in the Cue Window using multiple cursor selection - previously this went very slowly.

Fix for when first adding individual times to a Cue - if multiple items were selected with he cursor then MagicQ would sometimes reset.

Fix for Cue Stack window opening when doing actions (like record) on playback legend window.

Fix for problem importing playlist into Page window - some items in the play list would be ignored meaning that the final order of pages was not correct. #0020781

Fix for inbuilt macros which stopped working on Layouts 1 to 4 in previous beta version. The work around was to record the layout macro manually.

Fix for TC tracks on/off button. Turning a TC track on/off did not have immediate effect.

Fix for MQ80 and MQ70 consoles appearing off when in screen saver mode, a dimmed LED brightness will be used as long as the configured LED brightness is more than 0%.

Fixed an issue with the file manager when using the UP FOLDER button too many times; once the user reached the root directory, they would be trapped in the application directory. For security, the file manager is now restricted from leaving the current user’s home directory.