Chapter 111. Version

111.1. New Functions

MagicQ has now been enhanced to enable much more powerful copying of data between heads including:

  • Copying between different head types - matching of range data (e.g. strobe types, iris types)
  • Copying heads in one or more Cues in a Cue Stack
  • Selective copying of Cue Stacks - copying only the selected heads to a new Cue Stack
  • Creating a new Cue Stack for selected heads based on an old Cue Stack

111.1.1. Copying of head data

MagicQ supports copying of head data in the programmer - for example to copy between heads 2 and 3 do




MagicQ copies the data from one head to the other in the programmer, or if the source head is not in the programmer, from the value from any active playbacks. If the source head is using a palette for an attribute then the destination head automatically also uses the palette - but uses its value from the palette, not the value from the source head.

If the source head is not using a palette then MagicQ will try to match range information - for example if the source head has a random strobe in the shutter channel then MagicQ will try to find a random strobe in the shutter channel of the destination head.

If no range match can be found then MagicQ simply uses the hard value from the source head.

In a setting has been added to determine whether copying of heads in the programmer is limited to the attributes that are in the programmer or whether it includes attributes that are active on playbacks. The setting is in Setup, View Settings, Cue Storage, Copy Heads Mode.

111.1.2. Copy heads in Cues

To COPY HEADS in a Cue / Cue Stack use one of the following:

  • Hold + and COPY
  • Press SHIFT + COPY and select the COPY HEADS option
  • Press COPY HEADS option from the Copy toolbar (when Always Show Record Options = Yes)

Once in COPY HEADS mode choose the heads to copy by either selecting from the keypad

2 @ 3 ENTER

Or from the Group Window by selecting a source and destination Group.

Finally select an item to copy heads in - for example press the S button of a Playback.

If a Playback has more than one step then MagicQ will offer the choice of copying heads in the Entire Cue Stack or in a specific Cue. It is also possible to manually enter the steps to copy heads in before pressing the S button.

The process of a selecting a Cue Stack and Cues is similar to the process when record merging or record removing in Cues/Cue Stacks - just in this case a copy head data operation is carried out instead of a merge/remove from the Cue/Cues.

111.1.3. Selective copying of Cue Stacks

MagicQ now supports the SELECTED ONLY option when copying Cues and Cue Stacks. Only the selected heads from the source Cues and Cue Stacks will be copied. If none of the selected heads are not in a source Cue then an empty Cue will be generated.

111.1.4. Creating a new Cue Stack for different heads

MagicQ can create a Cue Stack based on an old Cue Stack but using different heads.

Press SHIFT + COPY and select the COPY TO SEL option. This creates a new Cue Stack with identical Cues to the original Cue Stack except that it uses the selected heads instead of the heads in the original Cue Stack. The new Cue Stack will not contain the heads from the old Cue Stack, unless they are part of the new selection.

MagicQ will rotate around the heads from the existing Cue to provide data for the new heads - for example if the old Cue Stack had 4 heads and 8 heads are selected then heads 1 and 5 from the selection will both use data from the first head in the old Cue Stack.

This option will work on Cue Stacks containing multiple head types, but the best conversion will occur when copying from one set of heads to another set of heads. In some situations it may be preferable to do a selective copy of the original Cue Stack to heads of only one type and then to use the COPY TO SEL option on that new Cue Stack.

111.1.5. Expanding Palettes

A new function has been added to allow data in Cues to be expanded to use all attributes from a Palette. For example, consider a show that is using fixtures with RGB colour mixing but now has been morphed to fixtures with extra colour wheels. The Cues programmed into the show do not have the extra colour wheel info - they just have RGB attributes. With the new Expand Palette feature it is possible to program the extra colour wheel attributes into the Palette and then expand the Palettes into all the Cues that use the Palette.

In View Palettes, select the Expand Palette or SHIFT and Expand All Palettes soft button.

All programmed Cues that contain heads that use the Palette are expanded. Only heads that are already in the Cue, and that have at least one attribute using the Palette are expanded - it does not affect heads that are not in the Cue or heads that have no attributes from the Palette in the Cue.

Heads that have some attributes in the Cue referencing the Palette but others using hard values, will convert the hard values to use the values from the Palette.

Heads that have some attributes in the Cue referencing the Palette but others using other Palettes, will not change the attributes that are using other Palettes.

111.1.6. FX Individual Delay Times

MagicQ now supports an FX Delay Type option for applying individual delay times to FX as well as base levels. When enabled, the individual delay times for the base level of an attribute in a head will also apply to any FX on that attribute. This allows sweeping effects across large numbers of moving heads.

The delay FX option is configured in the Cue Window, View FX, Delay Type. Note you need to cursor right to see it. There is a similar option in the Programmer Window if you want to set it before you record a Cue.

When set to "None" there is no delay - all the FX start to fade in at the start of the Cue.

When set to "Delay start" the FX will delay by the amount set for the individual attribute in View Times. If there are no delay times for the individual attributes then there is no delay on the FX. After the delay for a particular head the FX will start as if it was the start of the Cue - i.e. the offset will start from the position it would normally start from at the beginning of the Cue. The final offset between the heads will be dependent on the delay time.

When set to "Delay size" this is like "Delay start" except that after the delay the FX is not restarted. Instead the size is faded in and the offset is therefore exactly as it would have been if there was no delay. This means after all heads have delayed then the final offsets between heads will be as if there had been no delay.

If you don’t want to change the base level, then you just set it at the same levels as the previous Cue - but you add individual delay times so that MagicQ delays both the start of the level change (could be no change) and the start of the FX.

111.1.7. 2D Plots

The way that views are selected in the Plot view has changed. The soft button now allows a choice of elevation while the top left encoder allows for filtering of fixtures.

In the 2D Plot window it is now possible to view only the fixtures in a certain group. The group can be viewed in plan or front elevations.

111.1.8. Support for GAM and Apollo filters

MagicQ now supports GAM and Apollo filters in the colour picker.

111.1.9. Other changes

On Mac, App Nap is now turned off automatically for MagicQ, users do not need to do so in the Info window.

Improved touch response on MQ60 when Outputs window / Cue Stack window open on external monitor.

Added button into Cue Stack Store and Cue Store to remove all unused Cue Stacks / Cues.

In Net Sessions Slaves show a "Resync Show" soft button instead of a "Grab Show" button. Resync can also by holding LEFT CURSOR and RIGHT CURSOR and pressing SET.

Split Setup, View System, View Status tabs so network status is now in a separate tab.

111.2. Bug Fixes

Fixed problem with use of Global Rate Masters, Busking Master and Club Master in to #0010138

Fixed problem whereby pressing ENTER in Patch, View Vis on X,Z,Y position or rotation would cause a reset #0009681

Fixed problem whereby with a MagicQ Wing or Interface attached, MagicQ did not remember window size and position #008340

Fixed problem with removing fixture from the patch when used in Execute Window #0010211

Fixed support for selecting Intensity Palettes from keypad. #0009880

Fixed support for selecting multiple heads when using test mode in Patch, View Heads #0009697

Fixed removing of channels from Cue Window which would cause the wrong channels to be removed. #0010413

Fixed Mac systems unable to prevent App Nap in recent betas #0010439

Fixed problem with FX set as stopped, starting on incorrect FX step #0010163

Fixed support of selection of intensity palettes from keypad. #0009880

Record Merging of the Individual Times would not work if the original Cue did not have Individual Times and the programmer did have Individual Times. If the original Cue had even one Individual Time then it works ok. #0009655

Fixed problem with legends on Playbacks with Execute Grid 1 on Playbacks option set and choosing Grid other than 1 in Execute Window. #009937

Fixed problem in the Execute Window, View Execute with rendering fader and encoder images when the boxes had greater height than width.

Fixed problem with removing Cues and Cue Stacks that were used in the Execute Window. #0006016

Fixed problem in Execute Window with rate encoder goes from 0% to 25599% #0009311

Fixed Execute window on Playbacks Page 1, so that Executes are triggered on press instead of release of button #0010000

Fixed problem where MagicQ would reset when removing playbacks if the Setup Option, Delete Cues Stacks on remove Playbacks was enabled #0009874

Fixed problem with Output window duplicating / losing beginning /end line when using View Int, Active filter #0010410

Fixed problem whereby changes to the Patch offsets/inverts/head names/head numbers / were not synced from master to slave - if any of these were changed and then the slave promoted to master the changes to the patch would be lost. This could be avoided by forcing a resync of the slave before taking control. Whenever possible it is still recommended to resync on the slave before doing a TAKE CONTROL. #0008358

Fixed problem with chases that snap on MagicQ for Windows when using MagicQ Wings & Interfaces - if no channels were changing regularly then some steps could get missed. #001048

Fixed problem where MagicQ could reset when loading a show if the Cue Window was open in the previous show.

Fixed problem with Net Wing mode whereby on a console if you re-entered Net Wing mode for a second time then the CTRL button would stop the session, rather than CTRL + CLOSE.

Fixed problem with Net Wing mode whereby the Execute Window was always fixed to 10x10 - other sizes caused incorrect response to the touch.

Fixed problem in Net Manager when setting Art Net out same uni or ACN out same uni - display was incorrect #0009313