Chapter 112. Version

112.1. New Functions

112.1.1. Media Window

It is now possible to set up, remove and configure Media Servers 1 to 4 from within the Media Window without going to the Setup, View System, View Media Servers. This makes it simpler to program small shows with just one or two Pixel Mappers and/or MagicHD.

To configure Media Server 1 to 4 just press on the Media Server item. Once the Media Server is configured then it can be configured by selecting it and then pressing the SERVER SETUP soft button.

When choosing to configure a Media Server as Pixel Mapper or MagicHD, then MagicQ checks to see whether there are patched layers that have not been assigned to a Media Server. If it finds unassigned patched layers then it prompts to use these layers. If it does not find unassigned layers, then it will patch new layers.

To remove a server select it, and then press SERVER SETUP and REMOVE SERVER option. MagicQ gives the choice to remove just the server settings (Remove Server Only), or the remove both the server settings and the patched Media Server layers as well (Remove Server and Patch).

112.1.2. Pixel Mapping on Groups

MagicQ now supports Pixel Mapping on Groups as well as on Grids. This enables Pixel Mapping on groups of heads without having to define a Grid. MagicQ supports Pixel Mapping on Grids 1 to 20 and on Groups 1 to 100.

MagicQ automatically generates a Grid based on the heads in the Group. MagicQ uses a square grid unless the heads are multi element heads - whereby it uses a grid with height of the biggest dimension from the multi element width / height. MagicQ inserts into the grid in the order from the Group.

Pixel Mapping on groups is selected in the Media Window, by selecting the "Media" Bank and then setting the Grid ID to be a Group number instead of a Grid number. MagicQ shows the name for any Groups. As with all attributes pressing and holding the soft button for the Grid Id (soft button E) shows a list of all the ranges - in this cases all the Grids and Groups.

When patching a Pixel Mapper, if there are no grids defined in the Output Window then the Pixel Mapper will default / locate to the Group with the most number of heads.

112.1.3. Auto Patch from Capture / WYSIWYG Visualisers

When sending a patch from an external visualiser, MagicQ now has an improved algorithm for matching the fixture names from the external visualiser to the MagicQ fixture names.

MagicQ will first check the MagicQ personality for a direct match - comparing the Capture and WYSIWYG name fields in the MagicQ personality.

If it can not find a direct name match then MagicQ will use a matching algorithm to attempt to match first the Manufacturer name and then then the fixture name. If MagicQ can match manufacturer then MagicQ will try to match the fixture name against all those of that manufacturer that have the correct number of channels. MagicQ matches the fixture names with the closest match - but this may not always result in the correct choice.

If MagicQ matches the wrong fixture then the correct MagicQ fixture should be updated with the Capture / WYWIWYG name fields.

112.2. Bug Fixes

Fixed problem with FX causing resets (on consoles this would be shown as "floating point error" as it reset). #0009992, #0009994, #00010127

Fixed problem with a reset if a Group got invalid channels in it.

Fixed problem with re patching channels in Theatre Syntax #0009895

Fixed problem with using SHIFT + S when S set to Tap To Time #00010065

Fixed problem applying Intensity palettes with time in Theatre/Hog Modes #00010282

Fixed problem with unpatching parked channels - the preset value from the park remained in the patch #00010278

Modified error messages during show merge operation to make them more helpful. Fixed problem where the Pro2014 would appear to slow down when the audio input was enabled.