Chapter 113. Version

113.1. New Functions

113.1.1. MagicVis

MagicVis now has a new option to show both the Output and a Blind Preview using a split screen arrangement. The Blind Preview shows the data as per the Patch, View Vis, Vis Source option.

Note that when using stand alone MagicVis, for both the Live Output and the Blind Preview to work then the console Output must be set to output over the network using a network protocol such as ArtNet, ACN or Pathport - otherwise the Output will not be shown when Blind Preview is in operation.

Added new Hide Beams options. The Settings dialog now gives more options on which beams to render and which to hide. If MagicVis is running slow then disabling some beams can speed things up considerably.

113.1.2. Plot Window

Added short cut to Plot window from Group Window.

Text size is now constant whatever the zoom level. Zooming has been improved.

113.1.3. Other Changes

Added short cut keys for LAYOUT 4, LAYOUT 5 and LAYOUT 6. Presss SHIFT + LAYOUT 1, LAYOUT 2, LAYOUT 3.

Added short cut on Tools menu bar for PC/Mac that enables new head files to be installed from any location on the PC/Mac - select Tools, Install Head files.

113.2. Support for Plot/Vis transfer from Capture Visualiser.

MagicQ now transfers the XYZ data as well as the Patch data from Capture (requires Capture version 21.0.12). MagicQ will create items in MagicVis for each head in Capture. It is then possible to use the Plot Window in MagicQ to select heads and also to use the Focus on Target feature. Note that Capture orientates its fixtures Y rotation based on the display panel forward of the fixture whereas MagicQ orientates the fixture based on neutral pan forwards. In order to get Focus On Target to work correctly it may be necessary to change the Y rotation for the fixtures in MagicQ by 90/180/270 degrees.

113.3. Bug Fixes

Fixed problem that could cause resets when using FX with some combinations of width and crossfade. Affected and #0009939

Fixed problem when using macro release commands (r and u) whereby any text on the command line would be treated as a release time and the command line would be cleared.

Fixed problem with timecode jumps when the Cue Stack option Recalculate state on jumps was set to "No" - MagicQ would still execute all Cues in between the current Cue and the new Cue. Customers using time code and tracking should ensure that the "Recalculate state on jumps" option is set to "Yes". #0010106

Resolved issue with display of Park information for Intensity channels when using multiple playbacks #0010161

Fixes to Cue Stack Window usage of Encoder E when set to Timecode #0009652

Fixed problem when changing head number of fixtures with VDIM channels that the head number of the VDIM channel did not get changed #0006268

Fixed problem with changing head numbers of fixtures with multiple elements that were sent to use only one head number - the change of head number caused the head to have multiple head numbers. #009670

Fixed problem with Heads with multiple intensity channels that were set as duplicate - they were not selected from the keypad correctly and the individual intensities could not be set.

Fixed issue where Visualiser was not rendering 16bit attributes in multi-element fixtures correctly.

Fixed problem with naming of Curves in the Curve Editor and reporting of names.

Automs were not loaded when using Import Show. #0010227