Chapter 114. Version

114.1. New Functions

114.1.1. Using MagicQ Wings and Interfaces with Mac OSX

In recent versions of OSX Apple have included their own FTDI drivers which clash with the official FTDI drivers required to communicate with MagicQ Wings and Interfaces. If the MagicQ Wing or Interface is not detected under OSX then the Apple FTDI drivers they should be removed. MagicQ now includes a shortcut in the Tools menu to remove the Apple FTDI drivers. Note that this is only applicable to Mac OSX - Windows and Linux do not have this problem.

114.2. Other Changes

Plot view is now available on Pro 2014 consoles as well as MagicQ PC for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Curve Editor is now enabled in this version.

114.3. Bug Fixes

Random step FX. These would snap when changing step rather than crossfade.

Track Sheet - fixed so it allows scrolling up/down Cue Stack to parts of the Cue Stack that are beyond the current cue. Moved scroll encoder to Encoder F and set legending to be consistent with other spreadsheet views. #0008658

Track sheet - scrolling to the bottom causes cursor to disappear. #0008023

Visualiser - fixed issue where plots where showing the wrong DMX universe.