Chapter 116. Version

116.1. New Functions

116.1.1. Copying head data

Added Copy toolbar for use when copying head data. SHIFT and COPY now opens the Copy Options window. Previously SHIFT COPY performed an unlinked copy - now you can select Unlinked from the toolbar.

Added support for copying head data using @ syntax - COPY 1 @ 2 will copy head data from head 1 to head 2. COPY GROUP 1 @ 2 will copy head data from heads in Group 1 to heads in Group 2.

Copying head data now respects sub selection on the source - so when sub selection is active then it will only copy from heads that are sub selected not from all heads that are selected.

Copying head data copies data can be used to copy data between different types of head.

From v1.6.6.9 copying head data copies level data from the source head if the data is active on a playback or is in the programmer. Fade times will only be copied if the source head has level data in the programmer. FX data will only be copied between heads where the source head has FX data in the programmer.

116.1.2. Sub selecting segments / groups

It is now possible to sub select segments of heads as an alternative to using odd/even sub selections. Hold Odd/Even and select Segments. By default Segments is set to 2 - i.e. 2 heads, but you can choose 2,3,4,5,6 or any segment width by typing a number and selecting N.

Pressing Next Head moves the sub selection to the next segment. Pressing Prev Head moves the sub selection to the previous segment.

It is also possible to sub select groups. When making a head selection you can choose multiple groups using SHIFT and pressing group items or using the keypad. Hold Odd/Even and then select Groups. MagicQ will now sub select heads from the first group. Pressing Next Head moves the sub selection to the next group of heads. Pressing Prev Head moves the sub selection to the previous group of heads.

It is possible to sub select heads from the current selection, sub selecting only the heads using a particular palette and that have intensity greater than 0%. Hold NEXT HEAD and then select a palette in the Position, Colour, or Beam windows.

116.1.3. Multi element support

Improved support for heads with multiple elements using a single head number. Now when these fixtures are patched the user is given the option of using a single head number for the whole head.

It is now possible to insert several of these multiple elements heads into the grids in Output Window, Plan View at one time - by default only one item will be placed by head number, but specify a dot range (e.g. .1>.3) then individual elements can be placed in the grid.

116.1.4. MagicCap Application

ChamSys has developed a new application called MagicCap. This enables capture of multiple windows on a PC/Mac and output over CITP/MSEX on the network at a chosen resolution and refresh rate.

The application will start streaming as soon as it is run. Click on Add to add a new stream, and Remove… to delete the current stream. To edit the parameters of a stream click on it in the top window then enter new values in the main edit window. If the FPS value turns red then the PC is not able to capture the window fast enough. If the output Width or Height parameters turn red then the output resolution is too big.

MagicCap should be run on a separate PC to the MagicQ application. Running MagicCap on a PC/Mac together with MagicQ or MagicHD will not work.

To view the feed in MagicQ setup a media server with type CITP Live Feed. Set the IP Address to the IP address of the PC running MagicCap and enable Thumb Con and Live Prev. To view more feeds create more media servers with the same IP address and the same type.

116.1.5. 3D Pixel Mapping

Improved the personality for 3D Pixel Mapping. Now the 3D FX type and parameters are all on the same page. In addition the 3D FX types are grouped such that the single layer effects are first on the 3D FX Type encoder followed by the 3D FX that require use other layers for modulation of the 3D FX. The 3D FX parameters are now labelled X, A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3.

Added new 3D Colour FX - this takes the 2D image from the layer and moves it in 3D according to the colour hue.

The Exhibition Demo show has been updated with the latest 3D Pixel Mapping.

116.1.6. MagicVis

In MagicVis it is now possible to set a Head item to colour an attach object, for truss warmers or for coloured scenic pieces. In Patch, View Vis on the Selected Heads or Vis Heads tab page right to get to the Col Apply column and set it to Yes. If there are more than one heads attached to an object with the Col Apply set then it will use the last one in the list.

116.1.7. Other changes

Added SHIFT + double click S as shortcut to open Cue Window for that Playback.

Enabled Block and Unblock of Cues when in non-tracking mode.

Support for MagicDMX Demo version for ChamSys distributors/dealers.

Added new firmware for MQ60 with RS232 serial port fix.

116.2. Bug Fixes

Modified "make active" feature added in to use MOVE instead of INCLUDE as some shortcut features already used INCLUDE.

Modified "Playback Mode" to hide toolbar and to use newer encoders.

Fixed "Flash & Go" options which were broken in recent betas.

Fixed saving of Playback Crossfade Button function - previously it was not saved correctly so would reset when system restarted.

Fix setting of Colour values direct to soft buttons in Colour window - values now entered in %.

Fixed Import of Palettes - in recent betas this was broken when loading into an existing show with patched personalities. Loading palettes into an empty show was fine.

Change to Width field in Cue and Prog Window, View FX now does not affect user custom offset values.

Fix to absolute FX when run at less than 100% size so that base is added back in - avoids e.g. positions defaulting back to 0,0. #0007923

Fix for Cue Stacks using "one shot" FX - the "one shot" FX would affect FX in following Cues. #0007634

Fix for removing items from MagicVis - previously when using Stand Alone MagicVis the items would not be removed from the actual Visualisation until other items were added/moved.

Fix for Intensity Window Palettes View - the encoders and soft buttons would operate on Preset Intensities not on Programmer Intensities. #0009501

Fix for using Intensity Palettes in the Execute Window.

Fixed Encoder E in Cue Window leaving behind data in the input window #0008764

Fixed problems with channels set to non track HTP or LTP on Cue Stacks set as all chans controlled LTP. HTP channels would not be released. #0007060

Added work-around for problem with selection of heads in Capture Visualiser. Added support for sub selection when selecting in Capture Visualiser #0005013

Fixed problem with Snapshots from Capture Visualiser - previously they always appeared black. #0008647

Fixed focus position selection from Capture Visualiser when using pan/tilt offsets. #0008449

Added work-around for BLIND mode in Capture Visualiser. #0008317

Fixed response of Media Window - most noticeable on MQ60.

116.2.1. MagicHD

Movement of media by scale, position or rotate is now smoother than before.

Scrolling within a layer using the scroll FX is now smooth (it was limited to 256 positions).

Added two new modes to the Mask colour effect so that a mask can be used with just the transparency coming from the original media, and none of the colour (or a fixed colour). This means that (for example) grey-scale images used for edge blending don’t colour the black areas of the layer below.